Women Share The Creepiest Thing A Guy Has Ever Done That He Thought Was Romantic.

It happens all the time individuals doing something creepy under the guise of romanticism.

Here, woman reveal the creepiest thing a guy has ever done when he thought he was being romantic.

1. Said he wanted to buy me a necklace with his name on it so other guys would know I was his and not talk to me. Apparently, it's romantic to treat women like property. I got outta there real fast.


2. I gave a guy a ride home once and went inside so I could use his bathroom before I headed home myself. When I came out of the bathroom he was on the couch with his pants to his knees smoking one of those skinny cigars.

He was just like " 'Sup... "

I left. Quickly.


3. Broke into my house left an engagement ring on my bed and a note saying how he'd masturbated in my sheets because they smelled like me. This was all after I broke up with him...


4. I was flirting with a guy in a club, we talked all night and finally kissed. He was awesome and really hot. Then he told me to close my eyes and he put a silver necklace with a cross around my neck. I looked at it and said: "uhm, thanks...?" He smiled and said: "It belonged to my first girlfriend. She died in a house fire when I was 15."


5. It was my first job out of college, and I went to a lot of networking events. I met a guy who was older (grey hair, balding) and had maybe a 15 minute conversation with him about very mundane topics. We exchanged business cards and moved on to the next contact.

Next day at work I get a huge bouquet of flowers. This thing easily cost over $100. They arrived right as I was leaving for a meeting with a co-worker so I didn't really have time to think about them. Get back and I have two messages from the guy asking if I have received the flowers. As I'm listening to the messages, he calls again (story continued on the next page...).

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I share an office with my 30 something male boss, so personal phone calls are already awkward. The flower sender is asking if I got the flowers, what did I think, and telling all these other things he thought about sending but he wasn't sure what I liked. When he finally stops talking, I thank him and tell him the flowers were a little much, which causes him to tell me that it meant nothing. He was just trying to be friendly.

When I got off the phone my boss (who could only hear my side of the conversations) said "I hope that guy doesn't know where you live".


6. Gave me stolen underwear and cheap jewellery a couple of hours after we'd met.

This guy also asked me when he could put a baby in me and confessed his love for me.

One of the weirdest nights of my life.


7. The morning after our first date, sent me a picture of a guy going down on a woman, and said his first thought this morning was doing that to me. Later the same day he texted me saying he was falling in love with me... and that was the end of the shortest relationship I've ever had.


8. He was a budding animator who had a crush on me. As a romantic gesture to win me over, he created an anthropomorphic "sexy" squirrel character based on me and drew several very detailed and graphic pin up type pictures of it and uploaded them to his online portfolio. He was a pretty skilled artist and the face of the character was noticeably me. He said it was how he saw me in his fantasies.


9. My teacher asked me out on the last day of class. We were both in our mid 20s. We went out and after a few drinks he admitted to jerking off to my Facebook pictures. I ended up spending the night anyway and the next day he texted me how nice it was to find my hair in the shower.


10. Met me on the train. Says he's related to a rugby player (the resemblance is there so I believe him) and tries to ask me out thinking I'd be into a rugby players' cousins. Half an hour later, when I'm waiting for my friend to get money out, he tries to (story continued on the next page...).

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Half an hour later, when I'm waiting for my friend to get money out, he tries to surprise me with a "quick kiss" (covered my mouth and also tried to slip in the tongue), then goes for the boob grab, holding me close to him with a really strong arm. My friend grabbed him and kneed him in the stomach when I finally got his gross mouth off me, yelling for help.

So messed up.


11. "You are so hot. I jerked off to you twice last night."

He thought that was the equivalent of whispering sweet nothings in my ear.


12. A guy I worked with sent me flowers to my home address. When I asked how he got my address he told me he stole my payslip.


13. I'd been flirting with this guy on Facebook for a few weeks after meeting a party. At some unrelated point during this time I created an event where a few of my friends were invited to dinner.

Some things came up and we decided via text to change the location a few hours prior. However, apparently he'd been stalking the event, and halfway through entrees at this new place one of my friends gets a call from him saying he's at the restaurant and looking for us.

I wasn't into him very much after that.


14. A guy showed up on Halloween dressed in a costume to match mine. I was Cruella DeVille, he showed up as a 6'6" dalmation puppy, complete with a leash. He had stalked me through my friends to find out what my costume was going to be.

I had met the guy like once before. I was so mad that I didn't even bother to get to know the guy. He may have had a chance if he wasn't so damn creepy.


15. When I was like 16, a 25 year old tried to get with me. We knew each other through barbershop quartet programs and since it is a small group of people, most of them add each other on Facebook and talk often.

Well, this guy added me and immediately began to flirt with me. He'd always call me cutie or tell me how sexy I looked in pictures followed by ';D'. I had a boyfriend at the time so I tried to respond by talking about my boyfriend rather than making a scene since I was still involved in the barbershop community.

Anyway, one day he decided to tell me how my boyfriend didn't seem worthy of me (story continued on the next page...).

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He then followed it up with the fact that he masturbated to pictures of me. When I didn't respond he said "we all do it, I'm just a little lonely."

...I blocked him after that.


16. Two weeks after meeting, he wanted to get my name tatted on him. I noped out real quick.


17. I had an ex boyfriend who began stalking me after I broke up with him. He'd wait outside for me, park his truck behind my car so I couldn't leave, leave creepy notes on my car, stand outside my basement door looking in, etc... All because he said I loved him and we belonged together, but I just didn't know it yet. Ughhh lasted almost a year after we broke up until I had to almost get the cops involved.


18. This isn't creepy, but it was very uncomfortable.

So I was seeing this guy years ago and one night we were in bed, we'd never actually had sex although I'd been trying to get in his pants for weeks but he'd never go all the way with me, he'd just sleep over in my bed.

Anyway we were spooning one night and he starts singing to me with the most awkward sincerity:

You're.... sooo.. beauuutifulll.

Aaand I loovvveee you... yeeeaaah, aaand I lOOVEEE youuuoouuuOOouuu.. sooooooOOooooooooooooooo beau-tifull.

That's about all I can remember. I buried my head into a pillow and froze, trying not to laugh and pretending I was asleep. It was a really weird moment, I never tried to have sex with him after that.


19. Ex-boyfriend thought sending me a leopard print thong in the mail was charming, but he didn't want to be a creep, so he send it anonymously... and I opened it in front of my parents.


20. When I started seeing my now husband, I had a friend who was very upset he hadn't asked me out first. He kept asking me to go out with him instead, that he'd make a much better partner. I should have shut it down harder but I was 18 and the more insistent he got the more scared I was. I was worried I was blowing it out of proportion (story continued on the next page...).

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He kept coming into my work to 'talk' when he knew I couldn't leave or be rude to him as a customer. It escalated until he texted me in the middle of the night to tell me he'd slit his wrists because I wouldn't go out with him and was smearing it all over the walls, why was I hurting him so much, couldn't I see he was the one for me? To him it was a grand declaration of love. I was terrified.

I stopped replying at all after that, I thought he would come after me. I had to get my managers and security involved to stop him coming in to see me and a few months later he moved away and got another girl pregnant. I should have gone to the police but it honestly didn't occur to me at the time, I thought they'd just dismiss it as no big deal.


21. Take pictures of me sleeping. Its not sweet, its creepy.


22. I was interstate staying with my parents for a few weeks, and my boyfriend showed up at the front door one day at 7AM in the morning. He had flown over from our city without telling me.

It bothered me because I was reallllly busy with some applications for those few days he came, and if he had checked with me I would have told him not to come. His presence was a real interference with my work.

I also got the impression that he came over in order to check up on me. Creepy.


23. He left a bag with a live snake in it tied to my car antenna while it was parked in my high schools parking lot.

I got a restraining order.


24. Followed me to the bathroom at a party because he "just wanted to help me." When I confronted him outside in front of the party host he said "I think I'm in love with you".

I had just met him that night.



25. I fell asleep in an arm chair in the corner of a public study area in college. This guy I had classes with saw me, pulled up a chair and sat 3 feet away from me watching me sleep while eating a wrap.

I had one of those monkey instinct "hey wake up someone's there!" wake ups. He said, "I didn't want to wake you but you weren't safe asleep so I watched you." (story continued on the same page...)

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Dude. I don't know you. Don't presume I need you to protect me. Its the hub of our tiny campus. Bisecting the two halves of the school with the cafe to the north and the administration to the south. There are cameras all up in this bitch and I woke up when you stared at me for too long. You aren't the only person in this room who would object to an aggressor. I can see our classmates right now watching your dumb grins on their dumb faces. You're no white knight. You're just absorbing all the details of my face so you can accurately whack off to them later.

And sure enough after I say out loud, "oh thats not necessary blah blah blah" he asks me out and I say, "I'm flattered but I'm not interested and I'm in a committed relationship" and he says, "Hey, just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score."

It was at this exact point I became what he might refer to as a frigid b---h.

Holy crap man.


26. An ex wrote to me in blood once. No joke. Very creepy.


27. A few years back, I had my ex watch my cat while I went to visit family.

While I was gone he took it upon himself to REARANGE MY ENTIRE HOUSE, to a way that he thought "flowed" better.

He thought he was being really sweet, and I can see why he thought that, but we hadn't been dating that long and I liked my house set up the way it was. If I had wanted my furniture arranged differently I would have done it myself.

What really got me though, is that he rearranged it the way he wanted it to look even though it was not his house, he didn't ask or take into account how I, the owner of said house, used and utilized the space. He was treating my house as his house and basically moved in while I was gone. I broke up with him a month later.


28. I'm a cocktail waitress and for a few months we had this really weird, creepy bar back. He was just really socially awkward, and I would've been friendly to him but he took any display of kindness as an opening to hit on me. I asked one of the other waitresses to make sure he knew I was married with a child, and when she told him he said he knew. On his birthday, he was all kinds of giddy. Brought in a disposable camera (this was like 2014, mind you), and just wanted to take pictures with people all night. I took a super awkward photo with him to be polite. Totally forgot about it. Anyway, cut to like two weeks later and he gifts me with a DVD. Just a random movie he liked, I think it was filmed in the city or something, I don't know. He told me to open the case and boom, there was the awkward pic of the two of us sitting inside. It was so weird. He kept trying to friend me on Facebook too. Oh, and he also gave a picture to one of the bartenders. Hers was hidden in a box of chocolates and he used a baby version of her name as his own personal nickname for her.

I avoided him like the plague and tipped him the minimum no matter how much I made. He eventually got fired for being such a creepy dude.


29. He was the security guard for the mall I worked in. He used to just stand... in front of my store. Didn't really stare but would look in from time to time.

One night a customer started trying to open our gates after we had just closed, I already finished closing my tills so I couldn't process another sale until the next morning. This guy LOSES it and starts getting violent with the door trying to get inside. Creepy security guard to the rescue! He dragged the customer out of the mall (turns out he got arrested later that evening). Security guard swoops in and says "That was scary. Are you okay? Would you like to go for a walk, and grab a coffee with me? Take your mind off things?"

Smooth as crap. And he was decently attractive. Didn't give off creepy mofo vibes. I agreed.

We spent all evening walking downtown. We went to a record store where he picked up a few things, and I pointed out a cd that had a pretty cover. I only knew one song from it. Then we went passed a store, and I pointed out a pretty prom dress in the window. I thought it was nice. Didn't think anything of it, just commenting.

He walks me home, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and that was that. He was a gentleman, and was very sweet. Didn't expect anything from me. I had a wonderful time and was excited for date 2.

The next day he wasnt working, but as I was leaving my store a random guy came up and said "This is from your biggest fan!" And handed me the mxpx cd from the night before. Odd, but a cute gesture. It wasn't expensive. Maybe he was just trying to make me smile? Anyway I thanked the stranger, and went home. The day after that I still didn't see him, and took my lunch break. When I returned my manager asked me if I was still in highschool, because there was a prom dress that had been delivered to me while I was out.

My heart sunk. I was creeped out. The dress was like, $300 minimum. I felt sick. I had to find him and tell him to reel it back, he was freaking me out.

On my way home that night, I see him standing under the streetlight in the distance in front of my flat. Hes holding roses and wearing a suit. "Oh god no..." I thought, but at least now I can talk to him.

Before I can even open my mouth, he hands me roses, gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him.

I obviously say no, and start to explain myself, when he interrupts me... "What do you mean no?! Didn't you accept my gifts? What are you, a gold digging W---E??" Aaaaaand thats when I ran into my building and never looked back.

I quit my job the next day and moved 2 months later. Never saw him again.



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