‘Would've Been Alone If Not For The Car Trouble.’ People Reveal The Most Unnerving Coincidences They’ve Ever Experienced.

Life is full of mystery it's hard to know what to expect. Whether good or bad, things happen constantly that defy all explanation.

Here, people share stories of freaky unexplained coincidences that have occurred in their own life.

1/21. On Monday, September 10th, 2001 my father received a call to let him know his job interview for tomorrow had to be postponed until that Thursday. Because his would-be employer had overbooked his schedule, my father was not in the World Trade Center when it went down.


2/21. I had plans with my girlfriend for Saturday night a couple months back. I received a last minute call from my close buddy, inviting me to drive an hour and a half north of where I live to a party. I call my girlfriend, explain the situation, she said "Go ahead and have fun, I'm just filling out online job applications anyway, I'll just finish doing this. We can just see each other tomorrow on Sunday." I was so happy and relieved. I promised her a great night and had a couple gifts to give her as well. Things were going so good with this girl. As the night progressed, I text her and ask her how things are going. She said that her friend was trying to drag her out, I encouraged her to go out, so she did.

I text her a couple hours later, no response. I call her, no answer. The next day, I call her a couple times, no answer. I text her, no response. She completely flaked on our date with no explanation. I find out a couple days later that she is in a relationship with a guy she had met that night when her friend dragged her out - and I encouraged her. They are now engaged.


3/21. I have the love of my life because of my 8th grade math teachers bad judgment.

In 8th grade, I was doing unusually well at algebra. So well that my teacher decided to recommend me for freshman year honors algebra. I was surprised because math had never been an interest or a strong suit, I was much better at my English classes.

Anyway, during that ill-fated, one-semester-long attempt at honors algebra, I met a guy (lets call him Nathan) who invited me to be part of his homecoming group, as I knew nobody at the school. One of the girls in that homecoming group (we'll call her Linda) had a slightly younger sister (we'll call her Anna) who tagged along for the drop-off at the meet up spot. I only caught a glimpse of Anna, but it burned into my mind. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, but I didn't get to talk to her. Weeks later I got an invite to Linda's birthday party, piggybacking on Nathan's invite, as he was friends with that group already. At that party, I became friends with Anna, and I was in love with her for years before I did something about it.

We're getting married in March. If that math teacher hadn't had the terrible judgment to put me in a class I had no business being in, I would never have met anyone in that group, including my future wife.


4/21. When I was 3 years old, my father gave me a cheap, plastic toy airplane for Christmas. We didn't have much money, and my parents did their best. I fell in love with aviation because of that toy. I mean, I've been obsessed with it my entire life. This drove me to enlist as a helicopter mechanic and spend 10 years in the army. Last year, my love of aviation drove me to buy a ticket, that I could barely afford, to the annual air show. It was there that I met a representative from a helicopter flight school and learned that I could use my G.I. Bill benefits to pay for flight school. Now, I'm a private helicopter pilot and I'm working towards additional ratings. All because we were really poor when I was a child. My dad ended up giving me the greatest gifts a parent could give a child when he gave me that toy plane... imagination and passion.


5/21. A close friend smoked two packs a day. Every day, he'd walk to the 7-11, buy a couple packs, and walk home. He wouldn't buy cartons for some reason. Liked to change his brand occasionally I guess.

Anyway, his apartment was right across the street from the 7-11, and he would always take the same stoplight, etc. Smoke a cigarette on the way over, hang out outside the 7-11 to finish it, throw it in the garbage, then walk in, buy two packs, and smoke one on the way home. The guys at the 7-11 knew him by name, loved the guy. He was always friendly, and they knew his schedule. Home from work around 7, come over, grab a couple packs. Sometimes grab a six pack of beer.

So eventually he decides to quit smoking. Has a tough time of it. Tells the guys at the 7-11 he wants to stop smoking and they tell him good luck and encourage him. They encourage him so much they refuse to sell cigarettes to him when he has a moment of weakness.

He freaks out, heads back across the street in anger without waiting for the light, gets clipped by a motorcycle speeding through the intersection.

Motorcycle crashes, rider is tossed. Ambulances come - both head to same hospital (story continued on the same page...).

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Turns out motorcycle is ridden by a guy who runs his own construction business. Feels pretty bad about it. Talks to my friend about his business - my friend hangs drywall, but doesn't like his boss. Eventually rider hires friend at a higher salary. Friend has good job for a bit.

Two years later friend is doing very well, promoted numerous times, now has a team of guys working for him. Gets a phone call - boss was in a motorcycle accident, in hospital. Friend rushes there directly. Boss ends up being paralyzed, has some brain damage from a concussion that slurs/slows his speech.

Within a few weeks Boss has friend running the business for him. Friend is doing great. Business is doing great. Boss decides to sell the business to my friend. He decides to take it over and buy it. Friend now owns construction business and has grown it a lot. A few years later my friend gets an offer to sell the company to a larger company. Takes the money.

My friend is 42 years old and retired, worth over $10M now. All because he quit smoking. Well, and because he worked his butt off when the opportunity arose. But still - if he hadn't decided to quit smoking - who knows?


6/21. My sister's muffler fell off her car on the way to a family function. It wasn't a big deal, but it meant that she could no longer lend it to my mom later that week as it would be in the shop for repairs.

My mom had already been told she could use the car, and had already made a doctor's appointment. My uncle volunteered to drive her instead.

This minor change in plans, altered when my uncle and aunt would be able to leave the city by a few hours. They were supposed to go to their farm, but instead my aunt waited at her mother's while my uncle was dropping Mom off.

My aunt's mother had a heart attack and would have been completely alone that afternoon if not for my sister's car trouble. Because my aunt was there, she was able to call the paramedics and they were able to save her.


7/21. Online dating back in 2012.. A random girl with no picture and a very short bio looked at my OKCupid profile, but didn't message me. I never message somebody with no picture (what are the chances you are attracted to them?!) and on top of that we had a 37% match rating. On a whim I sent her a one-liner.

Tied the knot in 2014 and very happily married. That 10 second message fundamentally altered my life's path including what continent I'd spend the rest of my life on (Europe vs the US).


8/21. My grandpa went off adventuring as a young man with some of his pals: a buddy who boxed and a buddy who played guitar. My grandpa didn't have any special skill like that, so he washed dishes.

These three guys just ambled across America, boxing, strumming and scrubbing for enough cash to make it to the next town. After a while the adventures tapered off and the other two fellas made their way back to their corners of the world--but my grandpa couldn't scrounge up the money to get back to Illinois.

So he kept washing dishes for quite some time, hoping for a lucky break. That break came in the form of a wallet he found lying on the sidewalk with enough cash for a bus ticket back home. He wasted no time.

He met my grandma back in Illinois, settled down, started a family. And as a result, I exist.

Sometimes I think about that man that lost his wallet, and how mad he must have been when he realized. I owe him my life.


9/21. A man joined the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He got stationed in Bangkok, Thailand.

Another man, I'll call him Sammy, grew up on a shrimp farm in Thailand. He wanted to be a rock and roll singer, so he moved to Bangkok to pursue his dream.

The Air Force man's sister, I'll call her Fonce, wanted to visit her brother. Fonce bought a plane ticket and went to Bangkok on her own. Fonce met up with her brother's wife her first night in Bangkok. Fonce wanted to have a good time so they went out to a nightclub.

Sammy's band was headlining at the nightclub in downtown Bangkok. He saw a leggy blonde cutting a rug on the dance floor. Sammy winked at her and the girl blushed. And when Sammy's set was over he made it a point to track her down.

Fonce was coming out the bathroom when she met the lead singer of the band that had just gotten done performing. He couldn't speak very good English, but his personality and charm were magnetic. He said his name was Sammy.

Sammy walked Fonce back to her room that night, but Fonce told him that was as far as he was getting. Sammy said he wouldn't be deterred and he told her to come back to the nightclub the following night. And she did, for the next seven nights. And at the end of one of those nights, Fonce invited Sammy back into her room. And two weeks later, much to her parent's surprise, Fonce called home and told them she'd gotten married.

Sammy and Fonce came to the United States and made a life together. Sammy worked his way up at the Safeway bread plant and Fonce worked as a secretary at Grand Auto. They had two children together, a girl and a boy. That girl was my older sister and that boy was obviously me.

The years passed and Fonce and Sammy grew distant (story continued on the next page...).

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They'd been married for sixteen years, but they stopped sleeping in the same bedroom, and Fonce started to drop hints to her children that something was amiss in the marriage and she was thinking about leaving Sammy.

Then one day Fonce, my mom, called my sister and I out of school. I was in fourth grade and my sister was in seventh grade. And Mom told us that she was living Dad for good. We packed our things and lived in an apartment for awhile. Sammy tried to win Fonce back, but it was too late and she moved on. I think in time she'd come to regret her decision, but I've never heard her say this--I just suspect it.

Mom met a man on an AOL chatroom, and we moved to Indiana, leaving my sister behind.

Mom's new husband, my stepdad, would get fired from his job in Indiana and we'd have to move to St. Louis.

I would finish high school and not really know what I wanted to do with my life, joining the military to give myself direction and discipline. It was the best decision I'd ever make.

I made a lot of great friends and got stationed in Washington D.C. But when my time came to an end there I had a choice to make: I could either go to a base in Georgia or go to a base in Las Vegas. I chose the latter, and that has made all the difference.

There I met a wild girl who was going to college. She was super fun and we had a great summer together. But I was getting ready to deploy at the end of September, and she told me to get a Myspace so we could keep in touch. I did as she asked.

And then one day I had a friend request from a random girl. I figured two was better than one so I added the random girl, but remained faithful to the wild one.

The wild girl broke up with me while I was deployed and I picked up with the random girl. The random girl was there to pick me up at the airport when I got home, and she hasn't left my side since. Ten years have gone by and she's still mine. She's been with me through the good times and the bad.

I could go on forever, but the point is everyone's own life is like the butterfly effect. We are all changing and influencing each others lives with each flapping of our wings.

And the crazy thing is, I owe my existence on this earth, I can trace my remote origins back, to the confluence of decisions that happened in 1979.

All of these things go back to my uncle joining the Air Force, my dad trying to make it as a musician, and my mom wanting to experience the world.

And if I go further back than that, I can trace my own mother's existence to my grandpa getting a "Dear John" letter from his original girlfriend in WWII, and coming back from the war and marrying the woman who would become my grandmother.

The world is truly amazing like this. It really is. And if we all look back at our family lineage we can see the amazingness of factors that came together so we could be here in this world at this very moment in time.

Everyone has a story that's similar to my own. We are all so interconnected and I think that's why it's so important for us to be kind and decent to one another, to care about the person sitting next to us as if they were a relative or friend. Because life has a way of interconnecting us all.


10/21. First off let me tell you a little back story. My mom and dad were married in Mexico but soon after their wedding my father immigrated to the U.S. He was a legal resident so he could come and go as he wished yet my mom was not. He would visit, get my mom pregnant and soon after go back to the U.S. to work. Well, while living here he would carpool with a friend to go to work. He never missed a day because he was saving up to bring my mom, my two siblings and I to the U.S. so we could all finally be together. One cold winter morning he woke up and decided not to go to work. It was heavily snowing out. That never stopped him from going to work yet that day he decided otherwise. It turned out that the guy that he would carpool with got in a car accident and died. It's scary to think that my dad would have died along with him. We would have never come to live in the U.S. and overall life would be so different for me and my family.


11/21. Tossed a coin to choose an answer on test when applying to university. Got admitted by one point. On 2nd year started a small software house with a friend from one of the courses. 10 years forward, this start-up evolved to quite successful IT company.


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12/21. My mom had uncomfortable digestive symptoms for a year or so that couldn't be explained. Her doctor ordered a colonoscopy and discovered colon cancer. She quickly had surgery and recovered well.

She decided that it was important that my dad be screened just in case. Turns out he also had colon cancer. Six months after my mom's surgery, my dad had a portion of his colon removed as well and recovered quickly.

After recovery, my mom still had the same initial symptoms. It turns out she was lactose intolerant. Since both parents had colon cancer and no tell tale symptoms, my mom decided I needed to be screened as well.

So my mom becoming intolerant to lactose later in life lead to me getting an otherwise completely uncalled for colonoscopy at the age of 27.


13/21. Boyz 2 Men. They formed in a bathroom at school. A couple of them were in the choir and practicing, another one randomly has to use the bathroom and chimes in.


14/21. During secondary school, I often went to the tech lab to goof off on the computers during lunch break. One day, I opened up Windows Media Player's Media Guide and, as a joke, typed in "sonic the hedgehog", thinking I wasn't going to find anything. What I did find however, was this particular remix of Sonic 2's Metropolis Zone. After searching through the site it was from - OverClocked ReMix - and becoming a member, I was a regular poster of the "post funny pictures" thread and, after finding another site with a bunch of material to cross-post, I joined that site's forum (and I still regularly visit that place too, although the forum itself has dropped in activity over the past couple years, sadly.. it's been close to 10 years since I opened my account there too).

So, after happily chatting with the people on the forum, I noticed that one of the members had started a personal music project. Now, I was always that "I can do that too!"-kind of kid back then, and since I was a short-time poster on OverClocked ReMix's forums and had attempted to do one or two "ReMixes" of my own (which completely sucked and I like to think that no-one online has them anymore - I only have a copy of it on my hard drive because I never delete stuff), I figured I'd give it a shot. I picked up my acoustic guitar (incorrectly strung because I play left-handed), made a handful of songs (half of which were half-assed covers) on a crappy headset microphone, and left it at that. I did end up making stuff that was a little more electronic, since I had a sequencer but again, outside of the video I would put on YouTube, nothing came from it.

Then in the beginning of 2009 (so this is about 3-4 years later), I was let go from the job I was working in. Kind of a bummer. So while searching for a new job I remembered that, back when I was studying at college for a computing course, my friend at the time was studying at a nearby college doing a course in music (but had dropped out in the second half). I figured, "Since I like making music (thanks to the guys on the forum giving me the idea to do so), I'll give it a shot". One of the modules was to compose a piece of music set to a piece of video, as if we were writing a new soundtrack to it. Well, I fell in love with the idea immediately. After I completed my two years of college, I found out the University in the same city was doing a similar course.

Fast forward three years: I graduated University, I'm a qualified sound engineer, I produced my debut album and have been putting together ideas for the next one, and on top of that, I'm currently in the middle of setting up my own business where I plan on composing music for other clients.

All because the 16-year-old me searched "sonic the hedgehog" on some arbitrary search engine.


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15/21. A few years ago I was in East Africa. It was Easter and all of the taxis had taken the day off so my Spanish lover and I had to take a donkey cart from one destination to another. The donkey lost his wits and ran rampantly through the town, so the donkey driver jumped out of the cart. Eventually so did my Spanish lover and I, but I unfortunately broke my arm. The best orthopedist in all of East Africa was in this small town but for some reason I waited to get back to the city to seek treatment (hello 3 days with a broken arm + vodka + asprin = no). I went to a foreign clinic and was referred to a local doctor who was the best in the city. This man explained to me that my arm was broken and then went on for AN HOUR about how he knew a girl with my same common name who lived in the US and told me all about her life.

I kept saying thank you and that it was a really common name and that there were 300 million + people in the US, it's a big place. Sorry, don't know her. Why are people so weird, how would I know this person? Fast forward to three years later, I put an ad on craigslist for a new roommate when I'm living in New Orleans. My boyfriend at the time says, "pick her she looks cool." She seemed normal so we go with her out of 10 or so responses. She moves in AND IT TURNS OUT SHE'S THE PERSON THE DOCTOR WAS TELLING ME ABOUT THREE YEARS AGO ON WHEN I WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. NOW SHE'S LIVE WITH ME AND WE ARE IN OUR KITCHEN. I was complaining about my wrist hurting and mentioned that I had broken it. She asked me about it, we found out we had both been in East Africa doing different things. She was working with an orthopedist, I TELL HER HE TOLD ME ABOUT HER. She says that's really weird. She emails him and tells him we met. I think he was like see I told you or like "????", I don't remember.


16/21. A number of years back, I put in a job application at Walmart. After not hearing back for a long time, I assumed I wouldn't hear back, so I smoked with some friends. I heard back from them THE NEXT DAY. Of course I failed the piss test. Because of this I got a job at UPS. Because of that I worked with this dude. Because of that I met this girl. Because of that we started dating. Now I'm sitting next to my pregnant fiance, and will be a father in less than two weeks


17/21. In 9th century England, a mom got a book of poetry and told her kids that whoever learned to read it and memorized all the poems first could have the book. One of her sons wins the book. He grows up to be Alfred the Great, king of England. Around the year 880, decided he wanted every young man in England to be able to read books in English, too, but there weren't many books in English. He had a bunch of books translated into English (and translated a few himself), and had copies sent out to all the monasteries so they could teach people to read. The monks taught people to read in English, the people taught other people to read in English, now here we all are on the internet.


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18/21. I tripped over a rug at work, but caught myself before I fell. I didn't bother to fix it for whatever reason. An hour later my coworker (she's an older lady) walked in and tripped on it too but she ended up falling face first into a door. She dislocated her shoulder pretty badly also and needs surgery, she's been on medical leave for about three months. Last I heard she might also sue the company.



19/21. Some guy didn't get in to art school so he attempted genocide.


20/21. The best example is JFK. Born with one leg slightly shorter than the other, leading to his famously unstable back. Football injury in college exacerbates back problems. Injury during PT-109 incident in WW2 further worsens back.

Fast-forward to Dallas, Texas. November 22nd, 1963. The first shot that hit Kennedy in the back and exited his neck was survivable. He could have easily ducked out of the way after, but his back brace kept him upright, leaving his head completely exposed.

JFK could have been saved had his one damn leg been the same size as the other.


21/21. Isn't basically life one whole butterfly effect? Every little decision you made and every single encounter you had so far led you to where you are now.



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