'You Look Like My Dead Wife' People Share The Craziest Thing They Realized About Someone Mid-Conversation.

Sometimes you think you know someone, and then you are completely shocked by what comes out of their mouths. In these moments it's important to keep your cool.

Here are thirteen times people realized something awful about a person while in conversation with them.

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1/13. I had a long-term boyfriend, who I was trying to break up with.

He didn't want to work, what he really wanted was to play online all day/night while I supported him financially and did all the cooking/cleaning.

He was very good at getting himself fired or inventing reasons for why he ~had~ to leave yet another job.

When I tried to sit him down to break up, he got this absolute murderous look in his eye and said that this was all the fault of his last boss who had let him go. His body language went completely rigid and his stare became calculating.

I feared for this ex boss' life, and quickly backtracked and said that if he could go back home (his family lived in a different state), get a job, and get his stuff together that we could have another chance.

I spent the next week or so pretending that everything was totally fine until he got on that plane.

Of course I got torrents of abuse when he realised that I'd lied to him, but at least no one died because he couldn't face up to his own behaviour.


2/13. My boss from the golf course hired a very cute cart-girl. He always would say a few things about how hot she was when she was out, but he was in his 40s, she was in her early 20s, I really never thought he would act on it.

He decided to host an employees only party and proceeded to get this girl blackout drunk. I arrived to the party late, saw this and knew I had to do something. Apparently others had already tried to take her home (as in get her away from the boss) and my boss had screamed at them to keep her at the party. I got one of the girl's friends to call her and say she needed to get home immediately. It worked, my boss let her go and I took her to a friends house where she was able to sleep off the alcohol.


3/13. I was playing a large outdoors sports tournament where most clubs have their own tent set up. A man walked up to our tent and asked my mother about a kid in a photo he had, who she recognized as my team mate. (continued...)

She felt something was sketchy about this, the photo was a few years old and the man looked nervous, so she said she had never seen the kid. Turned out that this was the kid's dad, who he and his mother had to escape from to live under secret identity.


4/13. I've had patients referred to me for evaluation (psychologist in a large hospital) from the ER who were perfectly calm and lucid with their manner and demeanor, but within seconds of talking to them realizing that they were extremely delusional and on the brink of an episode and very likely posed a real risk to staff and themselves, so had to keep talking and chatting with them while I paged for support underneath my desk.


5/13. I once worked for a church where the married minister kept asking me probing questions about a girl in the choir he obviously had the hots for - and, in fact, she was beautiful.

He'd take me aside in his office and ask if she had a boyfriend and what she liked to do in her "private time" away from church.

He pushed it too far when she was talking to me after church one day in the loft and came up between her and the organ, asking if we'd like to "join him for sherry in his study."

To protect her, I said we had other plans ... maybe some other time - and we quickly left before it went to a bad place.


6/13. Talking to a friend of a friend tailgating at a college football game. He'd always seemed like a normal fella. Couple of cute girls park by in a newer luxury car, then stroll by dressed up in heels and short skirts, and the comments ensue.

"Typical rich daddy's girl- you know how she got that car," he says. I said something like, "must be nice." Then he goes on to explain (in a very confident manner) that he knows of "hundreds" of girls like that who trade oral sex with their fathers for cars and spending money. Like it's just a well-known fact. Nobody argued with him or said anything ..but we distanced ourselves from him after that.

He sells cars in Alabama now I think.


7/13. Rainy night, in the era before cell phones. I was 18, walking a very long way home from work, and I foolishly accepted a ride home from a strange man. (continued...)

(Small town girl, living in her lonely world, and I had just gotten off a double shift.) He was elderly, acted genuinely concerned for me, and I saw a Bible in the back seat. Probably safe, right?

The car was old and broken down, and he had to get out to open the door for me. It took him a while as he had trouble walking with a bum leg. He told me the passenger door didn't open from the inside. I immediately felt weird but years of "nice girl" training told me "he's gone to so much trouble, don't say no".

We chatted for a while and he politely complimented my uniform, my hair, and told me I looked like his late wife, and that her spirit must have led him to help get me home. It sounded very sweet the way he told it.

The conversation turned to if I was still in school, what my hobbies were like, and gradually turned to whether or not I was on my period. Which was rude but he acted like it was going to be the punchline of a joke, so I laughingly asked him why he would want to know. He said, very calmly, "Because if you're fertile we should start trying for a family right away." Oh no.

He said that God had kept him lonely for years but now, because I looked so much like his late wife, it was clear I was meant to be his, so he could start life over again, and finally have lots of children like his wife was unable to do. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, and said "I can't wait to show you our new bed."

Still trying to keep the conversation light and joking, I told him he would need to meet my father and ask for his blessing before being with me. I said "That's what a Godly man would do" and he wholeheartedly agreed, even acted offended, then we got to the street where I had previously told him I lived. He asked which house was my parents.

I gave him a fake house number, far away from mine, and had him drop me there. He wanted to come inside. I told him I needed to let my parents know "about God sending me a husband" before he could meet them. I said it would take a few days, come back tomorrow, he said "I'll give you a few minutes, but then we need to be on our way." I told him to drive around the block so I could have time to pack my clothes. He nodded and finally opened the car door.

I ran to that house's door, waved to him until he drove away, then sprinted to my house... Where I lived alone.

Double bolted my door and put the couch in front of it that night. Never saw him again.


8/13. That the girl I had just broken up with was going to try to kill herself. It was my first break up and we were freshman in college who had tried long distance and it definitely didn't work. (continued...)

We broke up and we're still talking a bit and I realized she thought we would get back together soon. I emphasized that that wasn't the case and she got weirdly calm. When I started making comments about the future she started saying stuff about how she wouldn't be around for that. I pretended I didn't know what she was saying and kept her talking while having another friend call campus security at her school to make sure she was okay.

She was furious at me for calling them and didn't speak to me for months but eventually she got help and is doing really well now.

I knew she had some emotional issues but that was a lot to deal with at 19.


9/13. My boss said he would completely destroy the next person who made his day worse just before I was about to tell him that I accidentally clogged the toilet in the break room. I just walked away.


10/13. Went to study abroad for a semester. Two weeks in I got a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses, but there was no sender information. I asked my then-boyfriend; it wasn't him. Weird. By the way I met my boyfriend at work, we dated for over a year and our coworkers all knew about it.

After I returned from abroad I met up with a bunch of people for drinks, friends, acquaintances, including this really shy ex-coworker. I was never really friends with him, but sure, let's grab a beer.

During our conversation he accidentally dropped the name of the college I spent my semester at. That was weird because I didn't remember mentioning it to anyone outside family and why would a random coworker remember it anyways?

Then he confessed he was the one who sent the flowers. He said he knew I was lonely. (I wasn't.) He said he wanted to get to know me more. (continued...)

I freaked out inside but outside I kept nodding and smiling. I excused myself to the bathroom and texted a friend asking him to call me in 5 minutes and pretend it's something urgent and make it seem like I have to leave the bar.

After the fake call I apologized many times and said I had to leave. I paid and rushed out. The boy followed me. I jumped into a cab and yelled at the cabbie to move it. The boy kept knocking on the window until the cabbie finally figured out I'm being serious.

The boy kept calling me that night, I didn't answer the phone. In his voicemails he called me horrible things. Eventually he stopped calling.


11/13. Working at a job site had a man come up and start asking questions. As project lead I walked a few feet away and began fielding his questions.

A crew member called out that we had sand in the hole. This was nonsensical, so I realized that he wanted me back over with them and away from this person. I asked the man to stay there and walked over to the crew who informed me the man had a large buck knife in this back pocket that he kept reaching for while we were talking.

The man then pulled the knife and told us we were wrong to be causing so much noise with our work. We offered to leave but he said no, I then looked at him and calmly said he should call the police on us since we were causing a disturbance. he agreed, but did not have a phone, so I offered to do it. He said that was fine and while waving the knife at us to keep us there he let me call the police on myself and the crew. 6 officers later and 2 tasings they had him in custody.

FYI the 911 operator was Awesome.


12/13. I was abroad in Ukraine, the only student from my school that attended this particular program. So I was lonely and stressed out most of the time and looking for a friend.

This one local guy spoke English pretty well, was about my age, and went to the same local university. He was an okay person, didn't get major creeper vibes, so we ended up hanging out a lot. (continued...)

Tuesdays and Thursdays we would always go to the same bar together and listen to the live music. One Tuesday I wasn't well and texted him that I was staying home. The following Thursday, while we're, walking to the bar, he starts talking about how disappointed he was that I had bailed, but he wasn't mad because "I really did look very sick".

That was alarming because there was no way he had seen me that day. I never left the apartment. I asked him how he knew that I looked really sick and he pulled out a phone. On it there's a picture of me, taken from outside my bedroom window.

I lived in an old soviet apartment block. My apartment was seven stories up. He must have had a camera with some great zoom and he must have camped out in one of the neighboring buildings, just waiting for me.

He offered no explanation for the photo and instead starting talking about how if I bailed on him again, he would actually get angry this time, and that I "wouldn't like him when he's angry".

After that pirated line, I wanted out, but I had a feeling that if I left ("bailed" again) I would be in for a really bad time. So I played along for the rest of the night, even when he started to get grabby and possessive, even when he started making disgusting sexual remarks about me.

I made it home safely, locked and covered everything, and told my host-babyshka and -dedyshka what happened. Dedyshka was an officer in the Soviet Air Force, and heavily involved with the mob after the fall. He did something to take care of the problem - I don't know what, but it worked.


13/13. When people start casually being racist around me and expect me to be cool with it, because we've been talking in a friendly way. Especially if they're doing this while hitting on me. This has only happened a couple of times, but when it does my exact instinct is to duck out of the conversation ASAP.



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