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I was best friends with a handicapped girl growing up. She was in a wheelchair because of an illness and she was pretty, beautiful, and smart.

Her parents however weren't the best people. Her mom was a erotic dancer who didn't care about anyone except her boyfriends. She was always out on weeknights, and would leave my friend alone to fend for herself, even though she couldn't do pretty much anything on her own. 

Her dad was not a great guy. Her parents would often refer to her as "the crip," which she didn't find funny. 

Anyway, sometimes I would go after school and we would hang out. I would make us dinner, we would hang out and watch a movie, and we would chat late into the night. 

She was the type of girl I could talk with anyone about, which was pretty rare for me I'm pretty socially awkward. 

One day, she asks me if I would go to prom with her. I honestly hadn't seen her in that way before, so I asked her to give me some time to think about it. She understood. 

That night I went out for a drive and I thought about it: this was the person I spent the most time with. This was the person I cared about more besides anyone. This was the person I definitely wanted to go to prom with. 

Today, that woman is my wife. I could't be happier with my decision to marry her, as well as going to prom with her ten years ago. 

Yes, I am her primary caretaker, and sometimes I feel like it's a lot to handle, but she does so much for me, too. She has given me the confidence of a free bird. She has made me understand the value of slowing down. She has the most beautiful reading voice. There are innumerable things to love about her, and I'm proud she's my wife. 


There are more Monkeys in Antarctica than any other place in the world. 


4. The banana candy in the Runtz packages is actually flavoured with part banana, and part red apple. 


Everyone thinks policemen are the bad guys but give them a chance! 

I'm going to tell you my story about a cop that saved my life. One night when I was homeless, it was the middle of the night and I was drugged up and tired. I was sleeping under a bridge. Along came a cop... and what did he do? 

"Get in" he said. I got in, thinking he was taking me to jail. Nope, He took me to his family home. 

Turns out he had a spare bedroom that he had set up, and he let me spend the night. He told me to shower, gave me a hot meal, put his hands on my shoulders the next morning and said, "I know you're better than this."

 After that, I turned my life around. All thanks to him. 


1. I met a woman on a dating site. She wanted to cut through the red tape and meet that weekend. So we plan to meet for coffee/lunch at a neighbourhood cafe.

I arrive early, and find that she is already waiting for me. We sit down and start chatting.

Shes gorgeous, and a professional. She mentions that she likes the way I look. All sounds great.

To be honest, the whole meal was pretty great. We talked, laughed, and smiled at each other. I thought, "Wow, this might actually work out."

After were done, we go for a walk outside. She asks if I want to spend the day together. I explain that I would love to but I have a family gathering for my nephews graduation. She then looks dead at me with an intense stare.

She says "Are you serious? Youd rather go to a family party that be with me? I explained that "no, Id prefer to be with her but I gave my word that I would be there. I dont just blow things off for personnel reasons." She shook her head and said "whatever" and walked away.

I got a follow up message online telling me that she would give me one more chance. I politely declined.

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