Contract analytics reveal the hidden gems in your agreements.

Get the most out of your contract data through powerful reporting tools and downstream integrations.

Contract intelligence you can trust.

Effective contract analysis starts with a foundation of structured data. Unlike text, structured data can be aggregated and analyzed at scale, meaning you can isolate risk and capture opportunities across the portfolio far more quickly and effectively than existing repositories that rely on fragments of prose. 

Knowable provides you that aggregated view of contract data through intuitive business intelligence tools. With just a few clicks, you can confidently sift through thousands of contracts and flag areas for further legal review. Using robust search and filtering tools, Knowable helps you answer in seconds questions that would otherwise take hundreds of hours of contract analysis. And unlike a traditional legal memo, Knowable’s rich, user-friendly output makes it easy for you to find the answers you need in charts and reports that tie directly back to the underlying contracts for deeper analysis.

How does contract analysis with Knowable Insights work? Once Knowable has converted your contracts into structured data, Knowable Insights populates a dashboard providing automatic insights on the in-scope documents, including breakdowns by region, business unit, agreement category and other demographics. You can also get a view of spend and specific positions such as assignability or change of control at the individual agreement, counterparty or portfolio level. From there, you can drill down into specific clauses or documents to identify precise areas of risk and opportunity.

Contract analytics drive insights.

Analyze Contracts

Honed through hundreds of projects with large enterprises, Knowable provides clear visualizations to help our clients answer massively valuable commercial and risk questions, such as:

  • Revenue: Which of our customer contracts enable us to apply price accelerators (e.g., COLA, CPI, Forex)? Which of those require us to provide notice? In agreements renewing this year, where do customers have minimum volume commitments?
  • Cost: Which of our customer contracts give us the right to offshore and/or outsource parts of the work? Are there limitations on the type of work and/or geographies? Is notice required? Which of the other contracts expressly prohibit this and which are silent?
  • Risk: Where do we have agreements with expressly uncapped liability and/or a direct damages cap over $25M? Are we indemnifying the counterparty in any of these? If we are, which of these agreements are we able to terminate for convenience?
  • Policies: Which standard positions are we most successful achieving? Which do we struggle most to achieve? Are there “hot spots” (e.g., business unit, region) where we are deviating from our standard provisions? Are we getting better or worse over time?

Delivered in Knowable Insights, every chart and report then enables users to act on those insights by navigating directly to the contracts they need to find and drilling down into individual contract language.

What types of insights and risk can be identified with contract analysis?  Our clients use Knowable Insights for all different types of requests and use cases. Some are looking to perform M&A due diligence and need to understand assignability and change of control terms within all the contracts across a company. Others want to determine where they can minimize cost by reallocating across vendors. Some of the most popular terms our clients search on include: 

  • Counterparty Name and Type
  • Term and Renewal
  • Termination
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Indemnification
  • Governing Law
  • Confidentiality
  • IP Rights
  • Exclusivity
  • Force Majeure
  • Discounts
  • Payment Terms

Power your systems with structured contract data.

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Knowable’s process goes beyond a single reporting tool, meaning we send your structured contract data back into a data lake, CLM, ERP or other enterprise system—achieving end-to-end contract data management. Plugging your collected, normalized data back into your own systems ensures that everyone in your enterprise, not just your Legal department, can benefit from the insights.

Download with ease.

Knowable uses the latest technology to build modern and flexible API infrastructures that offer a variety of options for integration. Whether you are looking for a streaming API or bulk download, we can facilitate sending all or select parts of your data for integration.

Data can be delivered in a variety of formats including JSON, CSV or other structured format. All of our API documentation is written in consumable ways, in Swagger format.

In addition to API delivery, we also can send your data via FTP and bulk download to make sure you have the data you need, where you need it, when you need it.