Optimize Policies

Improve policies and negotiations using contract data insights.

Establish a set of preferred positions based on the success—or failure—of past negotiations and ensure you know exactly what has been agreed to across your organization.

Optimize policies.

Most modern legal departments use some form of playbooks or policy guides to inform what positions their negotiators can agree to, but they’re still blind on how effective they are at following those playbooks.  On top of that, most organizations face template and playbook proliferation: hundreds of templates covering the same essential positions using different preferred language, making it impossible to understand whether your policies and controls have been successful.

Positions. Analyzed.

Understanding the success of your policies can’t happen by looking at prose across individual contracts; you need to look at your entire contract portfolio.  By converting your agreements to structured data, Knowable provides clear insight into the positions – not the text – that you’ve agreed to across your organization.

  • Which standard positions are we most successful achieving?  Which do we struggle most to achieve?
  • Are there “hot spots” (e.g., business unit, region) where we are deviating from our standard provisions?
  • Are we getting better or worse at negotiating our preferred policies over time?

Position Analytics helps to answer those questions, giving you the tools you need to take action to understand and optimize the outcomes of your negotiations. 

Policies. Visualized.

Portfolio-level position analysis is more than a look at the past – it provides insights to improve future negotiations.  Simplifying playbooks and templates from language to positions can reduce the volume and complexity of playbooks up to 90%, making the negotiation process clearer and easier for negotiators.  Knowable’s Visual Policy lays out – for every contractual term – how successful your organization has been at negotiating its preferred language and its fallbacks.  By giving insight into what has worked – and what hasn’t – in past negotiations, Knowable enables clients to develop playbooks that are responsive to market norms, resulting in faster negotiation times and better outcomes.