They can't all be winners...

Part of being an artist or creative of any kind is getting used to rejection - and a lot of it. Your family may not "get" what you do. Your friends aren't likely to be super supportive and buy your work. Most publishers and record companies only want re-hashes of things that have been successful in the past. Even J.K. Rowling was rejected a kajillion times before Harry Potter made it to the public eye.

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Come and knock on our door...

A Redditor needed some advice for a life changing situation involving, of course, love... they asked... Me [32 M] with my "roomate" [31 M], how do I ask him to be my boyfriend when we pretty much are already a couple?

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Be gone with you!

There are so many things that have been invented over time that were meant to enlighten and enhance our lives. And many have... the car, the movies, cellphones... snuggies. But many things that have been produced that really just bring down morale and cease any reason to live. I jest, it's not that serious, but it's close. There are just a few things we can all do without and wish we could make disappear.

Redditor StonerCPA wanted everyone to admit... What would you un-invent, if you could?

Pay the piper!


Payday loans. Damn predatory pigs.

That's not real work..


Is unsolicited calls about political candidates considered telemarketing? If not, F whatever that is!!




Un-invent the wheel so I could re-invent it and be famous for the most important invention of all time.


Just give me gas!!

The stupid impossible to use gas can spouts.



Keurig cups.


The guy that invented them publicly regrets it. Shows how one person can really make an impact.


A ton of waste in exchange for a modicum of convenience.


Save the animals!

Styrofoam. That stuff is terrible.





Living in Croatia, can confirm. To hell with landmines. When I was a kid, parents took me to the countryside once. Me and my sister were having a walk trough some field when suddenly some older man warns us to stop and get back on track. Turns out the area still wasn't 100% cleared of mines. There's still thousands of them in Croatia from the war.


Education for all....


Student loans. There is no way the cost of an education would have spiked as much as it did without them.




Reality TV.


Gross addiction!




The five-day work week.

9/80 and 4/10 schedules make so much more sense than the traditional 5/8s. I honestly have no clue why more businesses don't offer their employees custom work schedules. It doesn't cost the company anything and allows employees the luxury of a day off (or even a 3-day weekend) every week or every 2 weeks.



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Can't we all just pretend to get along?

Divorce is an arduous event than can complicate and taint every aspect of life for the parties involved forever. It can reach through generations to cause trouble; case in point. Redditor Partythrowaway6 is feeling the lasting effects of divorce. She reached out for advice... here's the sitch...

Dad(50m) wants me(24f) to change the location of my son's (1m) party.

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How DARE you?

Art is subjective. A masterpiece to one is pure garbage to someone else. What matters is your reasoning behind the opinion. As long as you can justify your thought process with astute analysis during a proper discussion, no one can refute your claim of disapproval. Unless it's a hatred born from something in your gut, with no explanation. Then, you're in for an earful, like the story below.

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What can I say?

Death is a hard topic to discuss. Besides the obvious, it's difficult to grasp that someone once in your world is gone. It's even harder if you truly loved that someone. Sons, daughters, spouses, none of them would comfortably accept the person they cared about is no longer there. What about those uncommon relationships? How would you handle that?

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