Don't tell me!

The Earth is a splendid, vast and quixotic mystery. We as the Earth's humble inhabitants know next to nothing about her in the grand scheme of it all. Even those who study this planet as their source of career will tell you they only will ever chip away at the surface of what's happening. Somethings we may find fascinating to know, others... we could probably do without being aware of.

Redditor u/Sickzaur reached out to uncover some Earthly facts, asking... Geologists, geographers, and other Earth enthusiasts, what are some weird things about Earth that most people don't know?

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Kids... you're gonna love this!

There are so many unknown facts to discover in life, we all will quite literally go to grave always learning. Some people make it their life's goal to soak in as much historical fact as possible and impart their wisdom to anyone and everyone. Those people become teachers most of the time. You have to be excited about facts and stories to be a history teacher. People with that much curiosity and knowledge tend to be educators or contestants on Jeopardy. Either way it's a win for us all. I love to discover new global details on the regular.

Redditor u/HuskoDoggo wanted to hear from enthusiastic educators by asking... History Professionals of Reddit. What is that one history fact that you just love sharing with people?

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Block that #!

Redditor u/hashtagnochoice has realized that love is fraught with drama. There is never an easy way out when it comes to jealousy. She writes.... I (25f) got a random text late at night, my fiancé (31m) insists that my reaction to it was inappropriate.

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Run, run as fast as you can.

We spend each day walking blissfully passed complete strangers knowing nothing about their lives. Who are they? Where did they come from? Do they have children? Where did they hide the bodies? Studies have shown that the average person walks past 16 serial killers in their lifetime. That's 16 brushes with death and surviving, congratulations! Ignorance really is bliss sometimes.

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K-Pop can be addictive!

Redditor u/kid_colby has a unique romantic issue. He thinks his girlfriend may have an ulterior motive to their love story. And he's not sure if it's a problem or not. He wrote... Am I(17M) being fetishized by my girlfriend(17F)...

So we are both in high school and we met through her being a friend of my cousin and we both liked K-pop started talking about that the fact that i speak a semi fluent Korean (because my mom sometimes speaks Korean) came up and the next day she asked me out in Korean and said yes; i thought it was cute. so now we have been dating for 4 months (keep in my mind I am nowhere near looking as good as a K-pop star. I don't have any sugary or anything like that) and she always says about how much I look like this idol or this idol and whenever she compliments me it's always comparing me to one of her guys in a group that she likes. I honestly think I'm being fetishized what do you think.

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Hold on to tradition!

'Because it's tradition!' That's the main response we get a lot of the time when we question why people do the things they do. You go to Midnight mass for Easter, you make a certain dish for a holiday, or you take part in a weekly activity by rote... 'It's Tradition!' Roll with it.

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