Quick Guide: How to Accelerate Contract Negotiations

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Harnessing data from your executed agreements enables teams that manage contracts to achieve faster, business-focused decision-making. Here's how:

Slow contract negotiations are why legal departments are often seen as business bottlenecks. But what if you could compress contract negotiation cycle times and operate at the speed of business? We conducted a series of time and motion studies with large enterprise clients, and it led to an epiphany. If legal teams implement were to three best practices, they can rapidly transform how they approach negotiations.

 Download this quick guide to learn why:

  • Why 84% of the time spent is waiting on a counterparty
  • Why legacy contract management strategies result in low yield on time, investment, and effort 
  • How a contract system of record (CSOR) compliments your CLM and ERP systems to speed negotiations and increase overall efficiencies using three best practices

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