Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A Contract Analysis: successful transactions are highly dependent on accurate insight into target company contracts.

Deal execution requires more than just legal expertise. Fast and reliable contract intelligence uncovers deal risks, speeds transaction times and improves integration outcomes.

Data. Found.

Modern business runs on data – a source of power that has long been out of reach for M&A diligence and integration teams. Knowable’s platform transforms archaic legal language into structured data, providing portfolio-level views of contract risks, obligations, and entitlements.

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Fast and accurate.

Knowable delivers impeccable accuracy with AI, machine learning, and tech-assisted human expertise purpose-built for precision answers, delivered on time.

Icon Breakthroughs

Big breakthroughs.

Create a single, golden source of structured data that can be mined for valuable reporting and analytics across the entire portfolio of agreements.

Icon Game Changer

Game changer.

Contract data is accessible to cross-functional deal and integration teams equipping them with powerful M&A contract analytics and actionable insights to inform integration decisions and capture synergy opportunities.

Say goodbye to the traditional diligence memo.

Modern digital diligence can accelerate deal velocity and encourage higher bids.

  • Keystroke, portfolio-level identification of important obligations and risks within the Target, or owned Asset for sale
  • Confident understanding of ability to easily transfer the asset
  • Comprehensive insight into highest dollar customer and vendor relationships
  • Granular view of synergy potential from shared customer and vendor relationships, down to the level of contrasting agreement terms
  • Instant analysis of target company’s compliance and regulatory vulnerabilities
  • Easily share data cross-functionally and externally with approved deal stakeholders

Stop reading. Start Analyzing.

Whether your organization is on the buy-side, sell-side, or is part of a spinoff or reorganization, Knowable’s Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration platform helps teams make better decisions, much faster with: 

  • Insightful deal dashboards 
  • Robust analysis tools
  • Visibility into decision-driving clauses
  • Comprehensive search functionality 
  • 1 click access and download of all contracts 
  • 1 click data export to Excel
  • Structured data easily ported to enterprise systems