Our Story

The liberation of contract data will be the defining innovation of the next decade.

Knowable is the Executed Agreements Company. Our mission is to bring order to contracts chaos, once and for all.

We started out ten years ago as a new idea within a larger company (Axiom Law), and quickly became the fastest growing part of that business. A few years later, Knowable spun out, along with Axiom’s founders and many of its leaders, to pursue its own destiny. We formed Knowable, the Executed Agreements Company, and since then, we’ve become the undisputed leader in the emerging market space of post signature contract management and Contracts Systems of Record (CSOR).

We know we’ve only just begun, and here’s why:

  • The best enterprises run on data. 
  • The single most important data asset in the company is contract data. (Contracts govern every relationship with every customer, every supplier, employee, landlord, tenant, channel partner, lender, investor…everyone.)
  • Somehow, even the best companies in the world lack access to this data. It’s all locked up in impenetrable prose. It’s text, not data. It resists interrogation and analysis.
  • This situation cannot persist. Within a few years, companies will become experts at unearthing and leveraging this data, and it will be worth billions of dollars to them.
  • Knowable has a near decade head start on the market, with artificial intelligence tools, integrated platforms, enterprise deployment experience and ecstatically happy customers to prove it.

Today, there are 500 Knowmads on three continents, using a combination of software and expertise to help the biggest companies in the world know what they’ve agreed to, and use that knowledge to manage risk and generate profit. (If being a part of building something this monumental excites you, join us.)

In our 20+ years working with General Counsel, we’ve only seen them struggle to fight a defensive, rear-guard action as a cost center in a growth-oriented economy. Contract data is the first true pivot opportunity we’ve seen, enabling law departments to get on the front-foot, as a wellspring of profit and growth. And the landscape is growing for its application, as procurement, sales, IT, finance and other business units awaken to the risk and cost of contract chaos, and the massive ROI unleashed by clean, easily accessible data.

We’d love to talk to you about it, possibly until you fall asleep.