The People Behind the Technology: Recruitment Analyst Lukasz Zycha

We want you to see the incredible people behind the innovation that happens at Knowable every day. This series celebrates our employees and showcases why Knowable earned a spot on Fast Company’s Third Annual List of Best Workplaces for Innovators.

Leisure Care ImageWhat is your role at Knowable?

I work on the Human Resources Team as a Recruitment Analyst where I am responsible for the recruitment process in Poland. My goal is to fill open roles with the best talent as fast as possible (even the most challenging ones) because I know how big an impact great people in our company have on our business. Additionally, I work on our HR processes to make Knowable a better place to work.

Why did you choose to work here?

At the first interview, I knew that Knowable was a place I wanted to work. I felt a great atmosphere in the air! I also knew that it would be a challenging journey. But seeing how amazing the people who work here are and how much creativity the team has, I am driven to do my best work every day. I have no regrets joining Knowable.

What are the people like at Knowable?

The people at Knowable are extremely helpful. When you need assistance, they are there to provide it. Everyone is open-minded and different, and those differences make our company a diverse place to work and share ideas. I really love it.

What is one of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on?

We decided to craft core values as part of our HR process to ensure we attracted the right talent and set expectations for employees. That required a lot of research. We started to schedule check-in interviews with new hires, conducted exit interviews which helped us to implement improvement plans, and we created a recruitment guide for hiring managers. However, the project that gave me the most satisfaction was the Welcome Book project. It was a few months of extremely hard work, together with different teams, but now, when I see the finished product, I feel immensely proud.

Welcome Book
Welcome Book

Why do you love coming to work each day?

I never know what will happen. In HR, every day is different. We generate more and more ideas every day. I treat working here as a continual journey – and that is what I like about working here the most.

Describe Knowable in three words.

People. Creativity. Development.

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