12 Hairdressers Share Their Worst On The Job Horror Stories.

12 Hairdressers Share Their Worst On The Job Horror Stories.


From washing a head full of fleas and lice to detangling chunks of hair knots, 12 barbers and hairdressers share their most terrifying stories.

This article is based on the AskReddit question "Barbers, stylists, hairdressers of reddit, has anyone ever sat in your chair with a head so nasty that you didn't even want to touch them? What is your horror story?"

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1/12. My sister is a hairstylist and got scabies once from a kid. Apparently the mom knew the kid had it too, just didn't tell my sister until they were leaving. Yuck.


2/12. My husband is a barber, one day he had a guy come in with dreads, wanting them all shaved off. He parted his dreads, looked at his scalp and noticed it was green!! He touched it and saw it ripple. Asked the guy when he'd last washed his hair, he replied 'about 3 years ago!!' My husband realised the guys whole scalp was covered in a layer of pus!! Sent him straight to A&E to have it drained and treated with antibiotics.


3/12. My cousin is a hairdresser. One time a woman brought in her special needs son. He had some hygiene issues and his ears were covered in blackheads. While all the other hairdressers recoiled in horror, my cousin gritted her teeth and gave that kid the best haircut she could. I really respected my cousin after that.


4/12. I used to work as a receptionist at a high end salon. One day, a lady called and asked if we had anyone who specialized in cutting curly hair. I matched her up with someone, asked the standard questions, and made the appointment, which turned out to be for her granddaughter.

When the family showed up, the mother and grandmother were white, and the granddaughter was African American. They obviously didn't know (and didn't bother to learn) how to take care of the girl's hair, because it was in a giant, waist-length ponytail that was completely matted. She also had a bit of a developmental disability, and they claimed she would not wash her hair herself.

I could smell her as soon as she walked in, but when the stylist got her hair wet at the shampoo bowl, the smell quickly permeated the entire salon. It was like a punch to the gut. The hair stylist had to keep coming up front for fresh air. She said giant flakes/sheets of dandruff and buildup were basically crusted to the girl's scalp and throughout her hair. The matted ponytail was the worst of it. What should have been a simple 45 minute service ended up taking over four hours.

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