Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.

Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.


First dates are always awkward, but they can be made much worse if you say something totally stupid...

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1. After a night out with this girl I've been courting, we went back to my place and started fooling around. We got into my room where she knelt down and began to take my pants off.

Once I was naked she said "wow you're really big". Trying to be humble, I responded "nah, I've seen bigger"

It was very awkward.


2. Me and this girl (cousin of a friend from school) were on a date, I had just finished telling her a story about a dramatic event that happened to me when I was younger.

She said "wow, that's how serial killers are made."

A very dumb comment but I thought it opened up the door for me to say "how do you know I'm not."

Apparently it didn't come off as light hearted as I thought.

The rest of the night was just downhill and awkward. The goodbye was "see ya".

I called her 2 days later and left a message, she never called back and I just left it alone.


3. I was on a date with a lovely girl, we'd been out a few times before and really hit it off. I had a notion that this was going to be the first night we'd have sex (she asked if she could stay the night at my place since she lived across town and we were drinking) so I was more nervous than normal.

We finished dinner, ordered some after-dinner drinks and the check came. I prefer to pay on dates, but she didn't like the fact that I'd paid for everything so she demanded to pick up the check. I was going to offer to pay the tip, but I was thinking about sex (per usual) so I said to her "At least let me pay for the sex."

I didn't even realize what I'd said, but her face went from a smile to a quizzical half-frown... and then she burst out laughing. She asked me if I knew what I just said and I said that I'd asked to pay for the tip. She informed me of what I'd actually said and I turned beet red, apologizing profusely.

We left the restaurant, I offered to pay her cab fare home if she was uncomfortable. She declined and whispered "The sex is free" in my ear.

We'll celebrate our 4th anniversary on Thursday.


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