People Share How They Realized They Were Conventionally 'Sexy' And How It Affects Their Life.

People Share How They Realized They Were Conventionally 'Sexy' And How It Affects Their Life.


People who are conventionally attractive on Reddit were asked: "When did you discover that you were hot and how did it affect your personality?" These are some of the most insightful answers.

1. I'm more than how I look

I [became] a beautiful 6'2", 145 lbs redhead in college. At first I wasn't used to it, people staring at me for different reasons - and the bullying stopped! But now that I'm an adult earning my PhD, it sometimes sucks. I texted a friend yesterday that I felt like screaming going into public because people stare at me all the time. I was wearing old clothes with no makeup on and I got rubbernecking from men and glares from women. I didn't ask to feel like a zoo attraction wherever I go, but it happens. I can't use my beauty for sexual liberation because time has proven that I will just be hurt by it. My attractiveness has proven more of a burden than anything in my life so far. I intimidate my boyfriend who I think is absolutely gorgeous, which has caused a lot of stress in our relationship and sex life.

So this is me, the person in Walmart glaring with their eyes forward because I don't feel like being a zoo attraction or catering to the world anymore. People think I am only there to look at, but I have so much more to offer. Any man I have ever dated or talked to has commented about how they didn't expect me to be smart and funny too. Don't get me wrong, I love how I look and I know people will be people. But I have so much more to offer.


2. I think a few of us have been these girls at some point

About two years ago is when I found out, it was after a few months of girls latching onto my side that I realised that those girls weren't cuddling me because I was warm. I had always just assumed they were cold. Personality wise not much happened aside from me teasing them a bit when they started hugging me.


3. We aren't all the special snowflakes we thought we were

I've always been pretty. Since I was 12 I've had boys lust after me, been cat called in the street, and people in the elevator would complement my parents on how nicely I grew up. Honestly, it started going to my head. I probably would have turned completely shallow if not for 1) my brothers who gave me [crap] every time I started acting snotty, and 2) I went to a high school with an amazingly large population of beautiful girls. Like, seriously it was astounding. I went to a performing arts high school in NYC, and many of my classmates were working models and actresses. I figured out real quick I wasn't going to be the "token pretty girl" in any groups anymore. It really put me in my place and made me develop a personality beyond my looks.


4. Be careful that it doesn't go to your head!

I was never really [unattractive] in high school, just nerdy and never really took care of myself. Started working out, got a haircut, and became less of a dork. I'm not hot, just good looking.

After I became single junior year, I was a douche. Always trying to sleep with people, constantly talking about the gym and drinking, that kind of stuff. Eventually I realized what I'd become and that most of my friends didn't like me any more.. and that I didn't like me anymore. So I stopped and just kind of settled down.

I have a girlfriend now, but still get hit on by girls, especially at parties. It's fun to play along and be flirty for a while, but never cross a line.


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