30 Amazing Facts About Stephen King Most People Haven't Heard.

30 Amazing Facts About Stephen King Most People Haven't Heard.


Stephen King, on many parameters, is the most successful American author of all time. his stories have almost all been adapted to the big and small screen, and his influence on the American psyche is truly amazing.

Here are thirty things you may not have known about the famed writer.

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1/30. A recovering alcoholic, King noted in his book "On Writing" that he was drunk virtually the whole time of writing the book "Cujo" and to this day barely remembers writing any of it.

2/30. Bryan Smith, the driver of the van that hit King, died. King said in a statement, "I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Bryan Smith.The death of a 43-year-old man can only be termed untimely." He suffered a broken leg, a bruised lung and a head laceration. The driver of the van was distracted by his dog. King was found lying in a depression about 14 feet off the road and appeared to have been thrown by the collision. The van's windshield was broken and the right front corner of the car was crunched in from the impact of striking King. Newspapers reported that he has bought the van that hit him on June; he plans to hammer it to pieces on the anniversary of the accident.

3/30. In 2009 he fulfilled a lifetime ambition, expressed in Salem's Lot, of being interviewed in Playboy Magazine. The Magazine also published a poem by King, entitled "The Bone Church", which featured the immortal line "And balls to your grinning face!".

4/30. He has an estimated annual salary is $40 million.

5/30. He's a huge fan of the hit ABC TV show Lost (2004), which often makes references to his works. He even trusted J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof to adapt the "Dark Tower" series into a film series.

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