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People Share The Worst Thing They've Ever Come Home To

Not in my house!

Home is a sanctuary. It is the place where we are all entitled to enter and all that ails us just fades away because the outside world is a dark place. And it's our haven, our time in our safe space that keeps us sane. However, this is too often not the case. Home can be a place of turmoil and grief. Sometimes what is on the other side of the front door can be daunting and a life changing experience.

Redditor u/Cyan26 wanted to know what unknowns were creeping behind closed doors by asking... What's the worse thing you've come home to?

Life is Hard....

My dad had cancer and we were taking care of him for almost a year. I went away to my cousins birthday party for the weekend and came back to him almost dead. I appreciate that my mom didn't want to ruin my weekend but i never would have forgiven myself if i missed his passing. amakurt

I love you puppy... 

My Brothers (20 and 22) and I (20M) came home from college for winter break. The next day my mom wakes me up asking if I planned on going with the rest of the family to put my childhood dog (13F) down. She had told everyone weeks before that this was going to happen when we got home for break... but forgot to tell me. FreshAnteater6

Home is where the heart is... or where the horror is. Anything to share?


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