Facts about Spiderman: Homecoming

Both Brian Cranston and Matthew McConaughey petitioned to play the villain role in the movie but lost out to Michael Keaton.

Although this version of Spiderman first showed up in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, the producers have confirmed that his alter-ego Peter Parker appeared in 2010's Iron Man 2 as a little kid attending the Stark Expo. 

At 19, Tom Holland is the youngest actor to be cast as Spiderman. The previous two Spider-men (Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield) were both 25 and 26 respectively when they were cast. 

This decision makes it much more believable that he could be a 15 year old kid in High School.

Tom Holland, our newest Peter Parker/Spiderman, hadn't appeared in many films before stealing the show in Captain America: Civil War so you may be surprised to learn that he has an extensive acting career behind him already.

The english actor started acting for theatre and was cast in Billy Elliot The Musical as a supporting character before earning the title role. His film career started with The Impossible in 2012 alongside Ewan MacGregor and Naomi Watts and continued with Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea

Vincent D'Onofrio showed interest in appearing in this movie as The Kingpin, his character in the Netflix Daredevil show. In the comics, Spiderman and Daredevil are both enemies of Kingpin. 

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In the context of Marvel comics, Spiderman has arguably the most iconic gallery of villains, with the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Lizard and Mysterio to name just a few. 

This time around, the villain is Adrian Toomes A.K.A. The Vulture. In the comics Toomes was an Electrical Engineer who was double crossed by his partner. He turned to a life of crime, aided by a flight harness that gave him superhuman strength.

In the film his suit is built from scavenged parts, much like how a real vulture hunts.

On the topic of villains, it's interesting to note that the villain in the first instalment of each Spiderman franchise has been a shade of green. 
The Green Goblin in Spider-Man (2002)
The Lizard in The Amazing Spiderman (2012)
And The Vulture in Spiderman Homecoming (2017)

Michael Keaton plays The Vulture, fresh off his Oscar Nominated performance in Birdman. This time he's playing a literal Bird-Man (Cue Laugh-Track)

His performance in Birdman was also largely inspired by his role in Batman (1989). 

He might be a bit typecast. 

If you're not sick of facts about The Vulture yet, here's one last one: In one of the Spiderman: Homecoming trailers, there is a fight sequence where the Suited-Up Vulture makes an inhuman sound. 

This sound is actually the noise a real Vulture makes. Terrifying 

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Ned Leeds makes his big screen debut in this film, played by Jacob Batalon. In the comics, Leeds is a reporter for the Daily Bugle who has a very dangerous relationship with the classic Spiderman villain Hobgoblin

However, it seems like this interpretation of the character is closer to Ganke Lee, one of Spiderman's closest allies in the Ultimate Spiderman comic line. 

Interestingly at the end of the Ultimate comic run of Spiderman, Ganke befriends a Spiderman Superfan and asks her to call him 'Ned' instead of revealing his real name. 

Donald Glover, of Community and Atlanta fame, appears in this movie as Aaron Davis, one of The Vulture's thugs. 

Years ago, Glover and his fans petitioned for him to play Miles Morales, one of the people to take up the Spiderman mantle in the comic, so fans were especially excited to hear about his casting. Whether or not we'll get to see him as Spiderman is still up for discussion.

Asa Butterfield was one of the frontrunners to play Spiderman in the early days of casting but missed out on the role because he was too tall.

The trailers for this movie have featured a cameo by Captain America, as well as showing a whole lot of Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. 

You can also spot Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner framed with other scientists in a classroom, as well as Stanley Tucci's Dr. Erskine from 2011's Captain America.

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According to Tom Holland, the film is meant to feel like an independent film that focuses on a boy struggling with the pressures of High school.

It's inspired by John Hughes classics from the 1980s like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

One idea that has persisted among Spiderman fans is the concept of a Spiderverse film starring the previous versions of Spiderman as well as different interpretations from the Comics.

Recently, a run of Spiderman comics introduced this concept and crossed over a whole bunch of Spiderman characters from different universes including Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen (From a universe where Gwen Stacey becomes Spiderman) and Spider-Pig (Yes that's a real thing). 

Another Villain that appears in the film is the Shocker, a classic Spiderman character. 

Herman Schultz was a brilliant inventor and engineer who dedicated his life to crime. After being incarcerated once, he built himself a pair of gauntlets that emitted shockwaves and allowed him to crumble solid concrete and rupture human organs. 

Another villain set to make his debut in this movie is The Tinkerer. While not nearly as iconic as The Vulture or Shocker, he does have a long history with Spiderman, appearing in the second issue of Spiderman's solo series. 

Phineas Mason was a genius of engineering (Like apparently every Spiderman villain) and designed weapons for super-villains like The Scorpion, Black Cat and The Vulture. 

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One of the groups featured heavily in the film is Damage Control, a group tasked with cleaning up the messes left behind by the city levelling escapades of the Avengers and other superheroes. 

A few clips from the trailers have shown The Vulture and others in Grand Central station after the battle from The Avengers. This seems to imply that The Vulture's tech comes from the discarded alien weapons left after these battles.

Damage Control actually had their own comic series, focused on the working-class citizens tasked with cleaning up the cities. 

Although this is the first Spiderman film we're seeing with connections to the larger Marvel universe, that wasn't always the case. 

During production of the 2002 Spider-Man film, Hugh Jackman was set to appear as Wolverine in the final scene. Jackman was even in town for the shoot, but the scene was scrapped when the filmmakers discovered the costume was unavailable.

In a similar vein, the OSCORP Tower from The Amazing Spiderman (The second Spiderman remake) was set to appear in 2012's The Avengers. Unfortunately, by the time the idea was approved the CGI skyline in Avengers had already been finished.

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The main love interest of this film is Liz Allen (Played by Laura Harrier), one of Peter Parker's crushes from the early comics. This marks the 3rd romantic interest that Peter Parker has had in the films, following Kirsten Dunst as Mary-Jane Watson and Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey.

In the Ultimate Marvel Comics Liz Allen is notable for becoming Firestar, a mutant with heat/fire powers similar to the Human Torch. Although in the comics, her powers come from her absorption of Microwave energy instead of the Human Torch's more conventional method of...just creating fire.

Comic books can be weird.

Marvel and Sony both have interesting choices when it comes to picking directors for their films. Marvel's films have been helmed by some recognizable talent like Jon Favreau (Elf, Swingers) for Iron Man and Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet, Cinderella) for Thor, but they have made some interesting choices in lesser known Directors. 

The Russo Brothers who directed the last two Captain America movies were previously known for episodes of Community and Arrested Development. Scott Derrickson had only directed a few horror films with moderate success before helming last year's Dr. Strange. 

Jon Watts takes over the Spiderman franchise from Marc Webb (who had only directed 500 Days of Summer before directing The Amazing Spiderman) for this entry in the Marvel universe.

Watts isn't really known for anything, aside from the 2015 indie film Cop Car. Apparently, he heard that Sony & Marvel wanted to make this a 'Coming-of-Age" film, so he cut together a few clips that he thought matched their intended tone. When he completed what he calls a 'Mood Reel', he sent it to the studio heads along with some storyboards of his own sequences. 

The studios were so impressed with his work that not only did they hire him to direct the film, they also intend to keep him on board for the sequel.

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