Contract data management and analytics.

Most companies don’t know what’s in their contracts, and don’t have an easy way to find out. This blind spot costs billions per year in exposure to risk, lost efficiency and value leakage.

Knowable exists to give corporate clients revolutionary visibility into the contracts that govern their business. We convert dense legal prose into structured data that can be aggregated and analyzed from the enterprise portfolio level down to the individual contract.

Beyond lifecycle management.

Credible contract management requires a solid foundation of contract data that contract lifecycle tools simply can’t deliver—and weren’t designed to. With this foundation of structured contract data, you can achieve modern risk management and value capture.

Unlock contract data.

Knowable combines self-learning artificial intelligence with domain experts to map complex statements into simple, highly accurate answers of what’s in your contract—no matter the size, location or format.

Manage Risk

Protect your company’s assets with portfolio views of obligations and entitlements.

Minimize Cost

Identify and root out inefficiencies across your supplier ecosystem.

Maximize Revenue

Capitalize on opportunities to retain and grow your customer relationships.

Optimize Policies

Improve negotiations by standardizing positions with insights from past outcomes.