CLOC Ask The Experts: Is ChatGPT or Machine Learning the Right Tool for Analyzing Your Contracts?



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Is ChatGPT or Machine Learning the Right Tool for Analyzing Your Contracts?

Yes and no. As the volume of contracts continues to surge, the demand for accurate and efficient contract analysis has never been more critical. But is ML/AI the answer to all your problems, or is there a deeper story beyond the hype?

In this webinar, we’ll talk to in-house legal experts to discuss the world of contract analysis and its intersection with ML/AI.

Webinar Highlights

  • Understanding Contract Analysis: Explore the challenges and complexities associated with contract analysis. What do people want to know? Where is it found in a contract? Why is it so hard? We will discuss the how and why of contract analysis and the advantages that AI/ML has brought to the field, including its ability to find clauses, potentially highlight anomalies, and help with risk identification such that legal teams can make informed decisions faster.
  • Challenges of ML/AI in contracting: Gain insights into the limitations of ML/AI and the vital role humans must still play in the technological ecosystem, particularly for ensuring accuracy and maintaining data quality. Plus, unpack the ethical implications and legal considerations that come with implementing ML/AI in a highly sensitive field like contract analysis.
  • Real-world Use Cases: Discover how modern businesses are using ML/AI in their contract workflows. Learn about the practical benefits they’re experiencing, how they identify areas that need improvement, and get a glimpse of what the future holds for contract management.


  • Nik Reed, SVP, Product and Research & Development, Knowable
  • Akshay Verma, Director, Head of Legal Operations, Coinbase
  • Rob Kwant, Managing Lead for Legal Technology & Operations, Cruise

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