Press Release

Knowable for the Win: CEO Mark Harris Accepts the CEO Future 2025 Award

Each year, Knowable continues to push the envelope to help corporations access extraordinary insights from their most powerful data source – contracts. Last week, our hard work was recognized by World Commerce and Contracting – the 21-year-old non-profit organization formerly known as The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM).

On December 3, WorldCC held the 2020 Innovation and Excellence Awards, during which Knowable was awarded the WorldCC CEO Future 2025 Award for Realising the Unimaginable. This award is emblematic of the groundbreaking work we are doing to develop a product that creates unprecedented visibility into thousands of agreements by turning text into contract data that powers decisions and helps enterprises better manage their business relationships. Contract analytics of this breadth and depth has never been available before, and Knowable is leading the charge.

Listen to CEO Mark Harris’ brief acceptance speech given during the virtual award show.

We appreciate WorldCC’s recognition of Knowable’s vision and leadership. Their commitment to helping over 20,000 companies build high-performing trading relationships across the globe speaks volumes about their belief in our business. But this award is not ours alone. Thank you to our trusted partners and customers who we learn from every day. Your confidence in our ability to take your business to new heights enables us to create, build and innovate our way through your most critical problems and get to a point where every piece of contract data is actionable with a few keystrokes.

This high-profile ceremony also acknowledged the achievements of other CEOs who are using their insights, grit, and experience to build a better future. Knowable is proud to be among such visionaries as we continue to imagine the unimaginable.